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Digital AdScroll

Megaview SA has brought about revolutionary changes in the South African sports advertising arena with the introduction of Digital AdScroll. This communications platform, which is interactive, entertaining and informative, brings the pitch perimeter to life like never before.

Modular LED

Our outdoor LED screens are ideal for any outdoor event. Whether you're hosting a concert or a sporting event, a modular LED screen can make the visual impact you are looking for, delivering the clearest and brightest images even in full daylight conditions. Our outdoor LED screens may also be used indoors for large venue applications, such as corporate functions.

Mobile LED Screens

Mobile LED screens are the perfect communications solution for extending audience reach and maximizing the impact of any event. Whether you're hosting a party or a sports event, planning a corporate event or a product launch, our mobile LED screens guarantee that you'll get your message across and increase the success and profitability of your event.


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